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VirtualMerchant changes

in Merchants edited September 2014
Client received an email from VIrtualMerchant:
The first of these security enhancements will require that you make updates to YOUR CODE to
transmit the User ID in addition to the Merchant ID and PIN for all integrated transactions. If
any of these fields is missing, VirtualMerchant will reject the transaction and return “error 4019
User ID Not Supplied.”
The following fields will be required in all integration transaction requests. You must ensure
that each is unique (i.e. the User ID cannot be the same as the VID):
VirtualMerchant ID (VID) = ssl_merchant_id
VirtualMerchant User Id = ssl_user_id
VirtualMerchant PIN = ssl_pin
As a best practice we also suggest that you assign a unique User ID to send with transactions;
this should not be the same User ID used to log into the VirtualMerchant user interface

How do I check if we are compliant?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Our VirtualMerchant integration does require those three fields within the payments setting of your store's FoxyCart administration. If you simply login there and confirm that all three fields are completed, you are compliant.
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