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FoxyShop Slug

ethanmillerethanmiller Member
in Help edited September 2014
I am trying to understand how to change the foxyshop slug through whihc one reaches the shop in wordpress. It seems to be hardcoded in the foxyshop.php file with this line:
if (!defined('FOXYSHOP_PRODUCTS_SLUG')) define('FOXYSHOP_PRODUCTS_SLUG', 'products');

But I would not want to change it there as this would prevent the ability to upgrade the plugin. How is this done the right way? Is there really no mechanism for this?
  • ethanmillerethanmiller Member
    edited September 2014
    I apologize, I'd missed the FAQ entry on this topic. Posting here for others who might have missed it as well:

    I do, however, find it rather unusual that the way to modify a plugin should be by modifying the wp-config.php file -- a file that is usually reserved for modifications to very general aspects of Wordpress. This really should be a setting changeable within the plugin settings it seems to me. No?
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