Are wildcards possible in coupon codes?

hhk225hhk225 Member
in Help edited October 2014
I'm looking to match patterns or simply allow wildcards in coupon codes. For example, if I'm offering a discount to a member of a club and I know the membership numbers match a pattern, I would like to allow it as a valid code.

I tried * in the codes but they are not accepted as valid characters.

Alternatively, I could parse out all the member numbers and import them into the discount code field but there would be hundreds of them. Is there a limit to the number of codes? Will a lot of codes slow down the system?
  • Answering my own question here - I just imported over 2000 discount codes and the shopping cart does not appear to have slowed down at all. I would still be interested to know if anyone has come up with a method to use wildcards
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Unfortunately we don't currently support wildcards in coupon codes - good idea though! If you wanted to, could you add it as a suggestion on
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