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I'm getting an error that my system is not setup correctly to calculate shipping to a US Zip code: 11217. Here's the error:
"Error: This store has not been setup correctly to calculate shipping to this location with this weight. We apologize for the inconvenience. The store owner has been notified of this error."

Not sure what is causing this. It's happening with other postal codes as well. Boston for example. Would be nice to resolve ASAP!
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    I just tested this out on your store, and am seeing USPS first-class mail parcel returned as an option. Are you still seeing this issue on your side? If so, could you confirm for us the steps to replicate - such as the products you're adding to the cart when testing?
  • @fc_adam: yes this is still happening. we really can't go live with this. i'm not sure what store page you are testing on, but it's not working for me at all. when i have the sidecart activated, i'm unable to switch my country. the code seems to detect that i'm in germany, and when i try to to change the country, as noted above, the country changes in name, bu the flag stays the same. when i enter a new post cdoe anyway in the hopes that it might trigger a change nothing happens when 1) i tab out of the field or 2) i click the "Go!" button.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thanks for confirming your test site. I was able to replicate the live shipping error - and I believe this relates to something I mentioned to you previously about adding some additional rate options. You currently just have the first class mail parcel option - which based on the USPS site is restricted to 13oz in size. If the product(s) in the cart is more than 13oz, then you're going to get that error as there are no rates available for the customer to choose.

    I'll follow up on the country issue on your other thread.
  • Hmmm, okay, but the product in quesiton was a CD and its weight 2.5 oz. Now the problem is not occurring for me anymore. I don't know what would have changed.

    Thanks for the info about the 13 oz limit on USPS first class mail. Our fulfillment people say they only use that basic service, so I'll need to talk to them it seems.

    Would be great if you could follow up on the country issue. That experiences has me a bit nervous about user experience if we launch with this version...
  • @fc_adam: we also in our shipping setup have the "standard post" selected for domestic shipping options; yet, the live shipping calculator does not seem to be kicking in and providing that option. shipping a t-shirt set to 14 oz for example, the first class package option rightly should not work and does not. but out of the three options we have selected for domestic shipping -- priority mail, first-class mail parcel, and standard post -- only the priotity mail is showing. standard post, it seems, should work here because it's weight limit is 70 lbs. unless i'm missing some other restriction...
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team
    USPS standard post do have a very different restriction which you may be running into, that it's only available within their zones 5-9. You can check what zone a given zip code is in on this page:
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