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Related or Suggested Items

in Bugs & Feature Requests edited October 2014
I have searched around, but couldn't find any info on this. Does anyone have any ideas/code/etc. for "Related Items" suggestions? My client brought this up to me and I thought it could be a good sales booster. Sort of like the impulse items by the cash register.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    There are a few different ways you could approach this - and it depends on where you're wanting to add them and also what version of FoxyCart you're using.

    It'd be a much nicer experience on 2.0 - as with the editable cart on the checkout and the fact that you can render the template client-side as well as server-side, you can pretty seamlessly add a product to the customers cart without them having to reload the page.

    The big thing is getting those related products. If you're displaying this on the checkout, you would either embed related product information into the checkout itself - or you could set up an endpoint on your server which takes the contents of the cart and returns related products to display. This endpoint would need to be secured behind an SSL certificate - as otherwise browsers would prevent the communication between the secured checkout and your unsecured page.

    One other approach would be to utilise the SSO functionality to effectively add a middle-page between the cart and the checkout. As the SSO endpoint is on your server, you could use that to create a step where you display possible upsell opportunities to the customer. The benefit of using the SSO approach is that as the page is on your server already, you can easily query your database to get the related products. Then the customer can either add those products or skip it and be forwarded on to the checkout as normal.
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