Removed limit to 1 country in checkout but form still limits state selection to those frm that cntry

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in Help edited October 2014
Hi! I have a shop where we used to limit the delivery country selection at checkout to Ireland only. I have just removed the code to open this up again to worldwide. However, the mandatory State field still demands an entry matching an Irish county and a customer cannot enter anything else. As it seems to be a mandatory field, we're stuck. Can you please tell me how/where I can fix this? Thanks! The shop is version 0.7.1.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Is this for Tiny Things? I've just given the checkout a quick test, and the country field is prepopulated with Australia for me, and I can select Australian based states in the state field. Similarly, changing it to the US updates the states selection to US based states.

    Did you manage to get this fixed, or is it for a different store?
  • Yes, it's Tiny Things alright. But I tried entering a German state and it didn't seem to recognise it? But of course when I am trying again now it is all working fine! Grrrr ... Thanks :)
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