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strange behavior with Japan in sidecart shipping lookup

dustystringsdustystrings Member
in Bugs & Feature Requests edited October 2014
I have a strange situation when entering Japanese postcodes in the sidecart shipping area, where sometimes changing the address info updates the shipping, and sometimes it doesn't.

1. Choose Japan for the country.
2. Enter 093-0090 for post code.
3. It then asks for city and prefecture, so I enter Abishirishi and Hokkaido
4. It shows the USPS priority mail option and the box down below says "Shipping to Abishirishi, 01 093-0090"
5. I change the post code to 603-8477
6. It thinks for a minute and then automatically pulls up the city Oomiyaichinoichou and disappears the prefecture box.
7. Nothing else updates though. The shipping options don't reload and the "shipping to" box below still says Abishirishi.
8. If I start over with the second postcode, it does not pull up any shipping options at all. It just stays on TBD.
9. If I change back to the first postcode and type in the city and prefecture again, it does pull up the correct options.

To summarize, it looks like certain Japanese postcodes automatically pull up a city, but don't pull up shipping options, while other Japanese postcodes require you to type in a city and prefecture and do pull up the shipping options. And it's not just the sidecart - it happens in the checkout as well.

test url:
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