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Huge upgrade from 0.6.0 to 2

tvainisitvainisi Member
in Help edited November 2014
Hi, I'm a long time customer now. I got my 'stuff' running back on version 0.6.0 and haven't been keeping up with foxycart updates, so im still rocking 2009's foxycart, ha. I want to move all the way up to version 2. I realize there will be includes to switch and changes to the json I send to the cart and probably changes to the xml feed. Is there a way to avoid taking the steps in each of the version updates and just make the needed final changes, or do I need to just walk through all of the update notes? It seems like some of the "areas" go through multiple changes, and I'd rather not change and troubleshoot for each incremental update. Can you give me some general advice?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Great to hear you'll be migrating up to 2.0, that's awesome.

    In terms of best practices for doing so - one approach for such a big step up would be to create a development store on 0.6.0, and duplicate your settings across to it. Then upgrade that store up to 2.0 and walk through everything to ensure it's working, and if not, make changes as required.

    That way you can get an idea of what changes with FoxyCart you need to make, and you can get a development version of your website up to date and apply those changes to your live website when you upgrade.

    By default, any new stores you create in the admin will be restricted to 2.0, but if you let us know your development store (either by posting it or whispering it to me), I can downgrade it to 0.6.0 so you can test.
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