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Subscription charges to Stripe appear as regular charges and not as plans

halftheskyhalfthesky Member
in Bugs & Feature Requests edited December 2014
I'm looking at the payment gateway configuration note here:

saying that CSC will not be sent to payment gateways for renewal subscriptions. Stripe actually supports subscription plans. Is it possible to link up charges to Stripe plans such that CSC is still captured, but gets processed by Stripe?

There wasn't any special instructions on how to set up CSC Stripe for renewing subscriptions. I'm not sure if turning off CSC is a good idea either. Would that push up incidents of fraudulent claims?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Good question. Subscriptions are handled completely by FoxyCart - so when a subscription is renewed, we send a normal transaction to Stripe to capture that payment. That's why you're seeing it as a regular charge rather than a plan.

    We do this because each gateway handles subscriptions differently (some don't at all), so to keep the experience consistent we manage that all in house.

    As a follow-on from that, because we can't store the CSC number due to PCI compliance, that means for any subscription renewals, we won't be able to communicate the CSC number. Generally speaking though, the gateways we've integrated with allow for this by requiring the CSC be present for the first transaction, but then allow for it to be omitted on subsequent transactions.
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