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SSO Appears Broken?

rosscorossco Member, Integration Developer, BLUcart
in Bugs & Feature Requests edited December 2014

I've not touched the SSO script I have running on a test setup and was working just days ago but now it appears not to be.

When I log in to my test site, as a registered customer - I am redirected to the cart after authentication, as usual. When in the cart, I'm now presented with a box with `Welcome back! Enter your password to continue.` and it has two inputs for username/password. Why would this be appearing after being authenticated?

Like I said, I've not touched a thing in FoxyCart or the SSO script so is this related to an update or has the SSO authentication changed in anyway that I need to update my script?

  • rosscorossco Member, Integration Developer, BLUcart
    For some reason, I've not touched anything but it's working again?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    We haven't made any changes to our SSO integration lately that I'm aware of - so I'm not sure what may have happened there.

    If this happens again, if you could let us know how to replicate it we'd be happy to take a look.
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