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FoxyShop or FoxyPress

in Help edited December 2014
My domain is and the foxycart store is

Im working on a Wordpress site and am trying to upload products in my store. I feel that Foxy Cart is the best option, but Im confused about the two different options of FoxyShop & Foxy Press.

Both give you the option to manage products, add products, manage categories, etc... Foxy Press offers a few more perks like Reports, Templates, Subscriptions, etc... Im a little confused about which to use. Do they work together, or am I supposed to choose only 1?

Ive uploaded both to my Wordpress site, but it appears that they have different API keys. Is that a clue that both can not be used?

I do need the Subscriptions option, so does that mean I should be using this one?

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  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi @realtorbyzipcode
    Great question. You'd only use one or the other. They're both solid options. @sparkweb is the dev of FoxyShop and is more active on our own forums, but is behind FoxyPress, and they're solid as well. Ultimately, it just depends on what makes more sense to you :)
  • sparkwebsparkweb Member, Integration Developer, FoxyShop, Order Desk
    Hey there, yeah you'll definitely want to pick one and get rid of the other as you'll only be able to use one api key. I think there may be some custom post type conflicts as well with the "products" slug so I'd think you probably would want to pick one.

    I can tell you that FoxyShop works really well and that a lot of people like it. It does let you edit subscriptions from the backend. There aren't really a lot of reports persay -- FoxyPress downloads your orders into a database in your WordPress installation and then runs reports on them there. FoxyShop uses the API to pull orders right from FoxyCart. I often find that people using FoxyShop pair it with another of my products called Order Desk which does some advanced order management and reporting capabilities.

    But really it comes down to which one you like. But you do have to pick one. :)
  • edited December 2014
    I really appreciate the info guys. Its helping me a lot already.

    I realized recently that the implementation of them into my Wordpress erased some of my content from my home page and my store. I did a little tinkering around and started unchecking options hoping it would fix the problem. The problem was that I had the "JQuery" box checked in the Wordpress setting for "Advanced Options". So I unchecked it and the content came back.

    Now the pages flicker quite a bit before fully coming visible. I really like FoxyCart better than any other cart software Ive seen so far for the functionality and its extremely less expensive than using Paypal, 2Checkout or any of the 2.9% per transaction vendors. So I need to make FoxyCart work.

    My problem is that Im not a CSS guy. I just started learning how to work html codes on the "Text" window of each Wordpress page. I have GoDaddy as a host, so Im assuming thats where I would have to go to add any CSS info?

    Im assuming that the flickering problem is because I haven't added any CSS coding to GoDaddy yet. Any ideas?? As of 11:45 am, I can't even access my site.

    Semper Fi
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hello @realtorbyzipcode. I'll whisper you some developer recommendations, but FoxyCart is built for web professionals who have a fair understanding of HTML, CSS and some JavaScript. It may not end up being the best solution for you unless you have someone you work with to help with the technical aspects.

    Also, to clarify, using FoxyCart does not mean you don't also have to pay the credit card companies their processing fees. You'll still need a merchant account and payment gateway. More information on that can be found here:
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