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Shipping bug or problem

jrwhipjrwhip Member
in Help edited December 2014
We have some large product packages for sell on our website, which we do not charge shipping for. We set it up so that customers can also add a smaller monthly product order, which will be charged shipping. Since they just made a large product order, we do not ship there monthly order until the following month.

Everything is mostly working. The problem is it does not appear the future product order is going to be charged shipping, because the orginal order was large enough to be eligible for free shipping.

You can see an example here:

Just add either the silver or platinum product kit to the cart while also choosing the monthly autoship checkbox.

How can I fix this?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    The issue you're running into there is that on the checkout the shipping cost is being set to $0 through your custom shipping logic - so when the subscription product renews, it's just charged that same shipping cost. Unfortunately the flat rate snippet doesn't really handle the situation well where you're wanting to charge one amount for the current checkout, and another amount for a future charge.

    Does the subscription product always have the same charge applied to it? If so - you could apply the flat rate shipping amount to a specific category - and have that product set in that category. You would want to test it to ensure it works correctly, but I believe that should then charge the correct flat rate amount for the subscription.
  • Hi Adam,

    I've been side tracked with some other issues, but I need to come back to this problem.

    I tried setting a flat rate shipping value for the category of our add on product

    I created the product category: workout_product_kit
    and gave it a flat rate shipping value of: 8.60

    However, It still doesn't change the value of shipping for the future based order.

    In fact If a product with that category is added to the cart by itself the shipping amount will default to $16 which is what it will do if a category is not defined in the custom shipping logic and the total price of the order is under $395

    So if a customer orders our 8 week program for $299 shipping is $17.20. If they add on the $99 future subscription (autoship) order the shipping for that order is also $17.20 when it should be $8.60

    If on the other hand they order our silver business package for $399 shipping is Free. If they add on the same $99 future autoship shipping for that order is also Free when it should be $8.60

    So I have some customers paying too much, and others not paying enough.

    You can see how this works by going to and adding the 8 week program or the silver business package to the cart.

    These packages are a big part of our new growth, so any help you can give me on his is extremely appreciated.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    In the case of having a product from any other category as well as the autoship product - that autoship flat rate shipping cost isn't going to overwrite your custom flat rate shipping - that is still going to reset what the shipping costs of the checkout are. You'll need to factor the autoship product into your custom shipping settings to ensure it charges $8.60 as required.

    Also, to confirm with you - when you tested the autoship product with the flat rate amount set on the category - the subscription renewal was still charged $0 for shipping?
  • Im a little confused about what you mean. Are you saying I need to write my custom shipping logic so it changes shipping to match what the flat rate shipping is when a product with the category of my autoship product is included?

    That seems like a complicated way to do something which could just be done in the shipping logic anyway, and it doesn't even come close to addressing my issue.

    What I need is to be able to charge one shipping rate for a customers first order and a second rate for subsequent autoship (subscription) orders.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    In your previous post - you mentioned that on the checkout, even though you had the $8.60 flat rate category present, the shipping was being displayed as a different amount. What I was trying to explain was that on your checkout, your custom shipping logic will overwrite that flat rate amount - so that's why you were seeing a different shipping amount. The custom shipping was applying and changing what the shipping charges were, beyond what your categories set them to.

    In terms of the subscription issue though - would it be possible for you whisper me the transaction ID where I could see the renewal transaction for the subscription with the workout_product_kit present that wasn't charging the correct shipping please? I'd like to check the logs for that transaction.
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