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Intermediate Template Customisation

brandmanbrandman Member
in Help edited January 2015
I read the instructions for intermediate template customization and it is somewhat confusing to me. Can I display the cart, checkout and receipt templates directly in my website on my own domain? Or do I have to upload these pages, and is the subdomain always showing these pages?

I've tried to setup an example on
The contents of the cart on this page isn't showing up until you click on a cart link. Then it shows the cart in the main content section, but also as a side cart.
  • AdeelAdeel Member
    edited January 2015
    Hi @brandman,

    Cart/checkout/receipt pages are hosted on foxycart. You just have to add "add to cart" link/button to your site. Your cart will be loaded after clicking this "add to cart" button.

    By default foxycart's responsive template will load for your cart/checkout/receipt. You only need to modify templates if you want to customize them.

    Even without touching a line of code you can add logo, customise cart display and adjust cart colors from admin > configuration.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Sorry for the confusion there. As @Adeel mentioned, the templates are hosted securely on our side - so it's not a case of adding them to your own site to be displayed on your domain. If you're customising the templates - we do suggest setting up that template file as a file on your server, but then providing that URL within the respective template in the administration as the remote template URL to then securely cache it.

    If you were wanting to not use the FoxyCart subdomain for your store as the URL - you can purchase the custom domain functionality which would allow the checkout flow to be at a URL like instead of More information on that here:
  • Alright, that cleared things up! Thanks for your response.
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