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AdamWintleAdamWintle Member
in General edited July 2007
Hey everyone!

I found FoxyCart through the MODx CMS website and its forums, their CMS software is different from things like Wordpress and other community-focused systems...

I can instantly see both of these applications working very well together, is there anyone else here who uses MODx and has attempted implementing FoxyCart to create a store?

What do you think the best method for adding the code from FoxyCart to MODx's 'snippets' and 'chucks'? or maybe a 'plugin'?

Thanks, Mallmus
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    edited July 2007
    Hey Mallmus.
    Yeah, we're *big* fans of MODx around here. We're planning a little tutorial on how to integrate FoxyCart into MODx, as well as some cooler stuff down the road.

    In the meantime, I'd recommend doing something like this:Create some TVs. Number for price... maybe a dropdown for category or other options like size, color, etc.Create a chunk or a snippet that outputs a form or a link with the TV values.Stick that chunk/snippet into your template wherever appropriate.
    Really all you should need would be some Ditto and some TVs and you'd be golden. Or you could have a lot of fun with the datafeed. We did a basic MODx inventory snippet which is a pretty neat (and functional) proof of concept for integrating FoxyCart a little more tightly with MODx.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Yes, MODx is foxy indeed...

    Coming from us, that is very high praise.
  • I'm kinda partial to MODx myself ... :P

    I've got two stores coming online with Foxycart ... and one that was converted out of my own custom MODx shopping cart engine. Foxycart is a perfect complement for a small to medium sized store where you want to have a catalog built in MODx but also be able to actually sell stuff. Here's various way's we're using it:

    + Monthly recurring subscriptions for support
    + One time setup fees for migrating folks to Google for Domains
    + Combo recurring + one-time setup billing
    + Product sales with different prices based on the Webuser group ... and hiding certain rows from displaying if prices are zero (via PHx, meaning that that if the price is zero, it's not available to that group)
    + Name-your-own auto-ship program (Send me X units every YY days)

    With the flexibility of Foxycart combined with the simple templating and flexibility of ditto/phx in MODx ... you can put together a super flexible, highly functional cart in no time.
  • Hi

    I'm a french fellow building a MODx web site to sell art books.
    I'm using Ditto so i think (i hope) FoxyCart is a good solution.

    One question for the moment : our customers will be mostly french, so is it possible to have the GUI of FoxyCart in french ?

  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    We've talked about multi-language support, and it's definitely in our plan, but we haven't set a date for it yet. We'll probably provide a means for all the fields on the checkout screen to be customized and then work on the admin.

    Our first priority is the US market, but we would love to take this internationally once we get more of the basic pieces in place (such as more shipping options and payment gateways).

    Thanks for your interest and we will definitely stay in touch.
  • Hi

    I have to choose an e-commerce solution for the site i'm building with MODx.
    Do you known if a mean of translation for the customer's Cart and Checkout page could be provided during September ?

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    While internationalization (including custom languages) is definitely towards the top of our priorities, we can't promise any dates.

    What you could do (that wouldn't be too terribly difficult) would be to fake it with javascript (jQuery, likely). Something like:
    $j('#id_of_element').html('your new text');

    While not the most ideal situation, it'd definitely work for the cart, checkout, and receipt. The receipt emails would be in English, but you could generate your own receipt emails using the XML datafeed. It'd at least be functional until we add language customization.

    Does that make sense? We'd be happy to help you with the jQuery, and I *think* Luke already did a proof-of-concept email script using the XML datafeed. I could be wrong on that one though.
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