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Stale Checkout templates served from FoxyCart CDN

I have been working on our first FoxyCart v2.0 store pretty heavily the past few days, utilizing custom Twig templates and the FoxyCart API to automatically sync / cache our Checkout template whenever changes are made within our CMS.

I have noticed on multiple occasions the past few days that our Checkout template will suddenly revert to an older copy. Specifically, the JavaScript file it caches will suddenly become outdated / stale. As soon as this happens, I can immediately re-cache the Checkout template and all is well...for awhile.

We cannot launch the store unless we know for certain that this will not happen once we turn the store Live. Could this be a side-effect of having our store in Test mode?

I have tried clearing the image cache, re-caching Checkout template both via the API and FC Admin, and the problem persists, seemingly at random. Perhaps the FoxyCart team can assist us with ensuring any old caches are truly wiped / expired?
  • I should also mention this seems to be happening on more templates than just our Checkout.

    Our Receipt template updated 30 minutes ago (2015-01-30 12:11:10 MST) was tested to be working as intended. As of right now (2015-01-30 12:41:22 MST), a stale version is currently being served up, revealing information that should not be present, etc.

    Testing against a fresh session, alternate browser, etc suggests this issue is at the CDN / cache level, and not in anyway related to the fcsid, meaning it could impact all customers.
  • I noticed within the last day or so that this has been happening for me, too.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    We'll take a look. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    @pixelchutes @MPelletier so sorry about that. It related to a job that was left running when it shouldn't have been after we did maintenance (for GHOST) on Wednesday night.

    We're fixing it right now. It shouldn't happen again.
  • @brett Thanks for identifying this so quickly and getting this fixed. Much appreciated!
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