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Custom shipping working one one store, not on others

babblebibbabblebib Member
in Help edited February 2015

I have a multi-lingual/multi-currency site which uses several Foxycart stores so that users can checkout in their local language and currency.

I'm having a problem in that my custom shipping logic is working in three of my stores, but not my french one.

The shipping logic itself is based on and has been working for years in my main UK store which is, however my french store ( which is using the same checkout template ( and therefore the exact same javascript for shipping is not showing any shipping options.

All stores are V1.1

The french store is an old test store that i have re-purposed but I've compared all administrative settings and they all seem to be the same.

I'm using this technique with other language sites including German ( and Italian ( and it is working fine.

I do not think it is related but i am only using Foxycart for checkout. I'm maintaining my own cart and passing that to foxycart via the URL when the user clicks 'checkout'.

The easiest way to test this is by using these URLs. They go to different Foxycart stores but both stores use the same checkout template:

UK store (shipping options show as expected - called "delivery options"): Polka Dot&0:price=3.50&0:code=REDPOLKADOT-BT-BB&0:quantity=1

French store (no shipping options despite the same checkout template being used): Polka Dot&0:price=4.50&0:code=REDPOLKADOT-BT-BB&0:quantity=1

Any help is greatly appreciated.
  • I figured this out! :)

    I had forgotten to set the default category to 'Shipped using a flat rate fee' on my french store, instead it was on the default setting of 'no shipping' which is why the shipping logic was not being applied.

    All working ..... #happynow
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team
    @babblebib - thanks for updating! Glad you got it working.
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