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DataFeed Failed message on all Transactions

Recently started getting Error Message: "DataFeed Failed" on all transactions coming out of store and saying "DataFeed Returned" (orders are still coming through as normal and payments received)

Also showing FedEx Error, postal code missing (but in the orders all information is there)

Site is hosted through Fat Cow.

Any help or ideas would be great!
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Can you confirm the store this applies to, and we'll be happy to take a look. If you want to keep it private, feel free to whisper it to me by checking the whisper checkbox and entering my forum username in the input that appears.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thanks for whispering your store domain - I think I see what's happened, and I'll whisper you my thoughts.
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