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How to get all the data from foxycart into my website

sivasiva Member
in Help edited February 2015
How do i integrate foxycart api to my application. we need to permit the users to use our product for a specific time for free. After that if users like our product we would like to show "Upgrade to Paid version" link for which i need api code and instructions on how i can integrate the code to my application.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Depending on how you set this up - you may not even need to make use of FoxyCart here. You can simply provide free access to users, and then using logic within your own website, display a link after a certain timeframe of them signing up to upgrade to the paid version. That could simply be an add to cart link that allows them to purchase a license/subscription for the full version.

    If you're having users sign up for your website - you will probably want to make use of a few advanced features of FoxyCart to help facilitate that process. For example, as you'd have users login on your own website, you'd want to also share that login to the FoxyCart checkout so the user didn't have to log in twice or have two distinct logins. To do that you'd make use of our SSO functionality - details of that here:

    Some members of our community have also added some information to our integrations page on our wiki for working with VB/ASP/C# - which may also be of assistance in getting up and running. You can see those links on this page:
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