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Connecting FoxyCart datafeed via OAuth

I am looking to direct FoxyCart's datafeed to an endpoint that requires OAuth authentication. I know how I can request an access token on FoxyCart's behalf, but not sure how to actually receive it and then send that token with the datafeed for future calls. My only thought is to point the datafeed to a custom endpoint I manage that forwards the datafeed on, but there are http/https issues there. I would rather just set the datafeed to the applications endpoint directly. Any pointers on where to begin or if this isn't feasible/ how it should work? I will admit I am a bit new to OAuth.

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Good question. Unfortunately it wouldn't be possible to send the datafeed to an endpoint that requires OAuth authentication. Your best bet would be to take the approach you mentioned and perform the OAuth handshake on a middleman script that also accepts the datafeed.
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