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Mailchimp Integration


I'm trying to set this up. I have run through the documentation and have successful added a subscriber using the testing codes here:

But it isn't working as I go through the checkout checking the newsletter checkbox.

I have this in my fc-mailchimp.php and the option selected in my Admin to allow users to sign up for your newsletter, and I have tripped checked all API keys are correct, but no joy.

$Custom_Field = 'newsletter_subscribe';
$Custom_Field_Value = '1';

My checkout is in Test mode does it not work until it's live?

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi @sarah3585
    That's … odd. Could you try changing that '1' to a 'Yes' and refeed a completed transaction (from the admin; ie. you don't have to place a new order, just refeed a previous order) and see if it works?

    We made a change recently there and though it should be a '1' like documented… it's worth a quick attempt. Let us know. Thanks!
  • Hi @brett
    Thanks for coming back to me. I've just tried that but it didn't make a difference.
  • sarah3585sarah3585 Member
    edited March 2015
    Ah I've realised I've been an idiot and glazed over the part about adding the datafeed link to the Admin.

    I'm using Perch CMS so I have a callback URL already in there. I guess I need to add it to Perchs existing PHP file. I'm not a PHP developer though so hope I don't break anything.


    Using FoxyCart-Interceptor for the two feeds. Seems to be working ok! :)
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Ah, ok great!
    Super glad you got that sorted out :)

    We're actually working on a new webhook system that'll allow more turnkey integration for this stuff, so stay tuned for that. But in the meantime, it sounds like you've got it going exactly how you should.
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