Developing a customer account portal

We're in the process of planning a complete overhaul of our e-commerce site, and one of the things we are most interested in doing is providing a more elaborate customer account interface (beyond the very basic customer log-in at checkout). I have in mind a SSO log-in that gives access to an account portal with the given customer's order history, individual transaction details, any subscription history, various other features accessible only to registered customers, as well as features that are conditionally displayed based on a customer's total order count or combined spend value across all their orders.

I'm assuming that the FoxyCart API is what I'll want to use to get all the necessary account data for each customer. I've read the documentation for the API, and it appears that the available actions would retrieve and/or modify all the pieces of data I'm interested in. But before I start down the road of intensive development, I have a couple of questions. Aside from the stated limitation of GET requests being unsupported, are there any other limitations in the current API (and its actions) that would be helpful for be to keep in mind? I also understand that you are developing a new hypermedia API, which is not available for production yet. Do you guys intend for the new API to replace the current one when it is ready, or will they both exist and be supported concurrently when the new one is released?

Please let me know. I'm sure I'll have plenty of follow up questions when I begin the actual development process on this. Thanks for your help.
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