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Accepting Pre-Orders

Hello everyone,

I was thinking of accepting pre-orders for a new product I'm developing.

1). I assume it's legal to do this, since you can pre-order things on Amazon and what not.

2). Is there a way to easily do this with FoxyCart?

Thank you.

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    We're not lawyers - so we can't speak 100% to the legality, but it shouldn't be an issue as long as the customers are aware they're pre-ordering something.

    In terms of setting it up with FoxyCart, it depends if the customer pays in advance or when the item becomes available. If up front, then you would just set it up as a normal product, no issues there. If at a later time, the best way to do that currently would be to set the product up as a subscription with a future start date. If you don't know when the item will be available, you could set it a long way in advance and then edit the subscription to a new start date when you know it's availability date.
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