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XML Datafeed Error Notice, but it succeeds via the admin console

Hi Folks,

I am receiving an 'XML Datafeed Error Notice' for my IPN on almost every order. However when I go to 'transactions' in the admin console and manually re-feed the transaction, it succeeds first time, every time.

Is there a problem here on the FC end or is my server not responding quick enough the first time (do you allow a longer time-out when the transactions are manually re-fed).

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    We send the datafeed when manually triggered the same way as when a transaction completes by customer action - so the same timeout of 20 seconds is present for both.

    Looking at one of your stores with these errors present, I'm seeing a timeout datafeed error being triggered from a manual refeed as well - so looks like it's not just limited to the automatic datafeed submissions that are failing.

    One thing you could do is perform some testing on your datafeed endpoint. If you track how long the script is taking to execute, that might help pinpoint where the slowdown is happening. For example, if you stored the timestamp at which the script started, and then wrote to a file at different points throughout your endpoint how long it had taken to get to that point in the script. That should show then where the slowdown is happening when the script fails.
  • Thanks Adam,

    I'll investigate what is going on. I am writing to a DB so perhaps there are some latency issues
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