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Voucher Codes and Paypal Express checkout

BenjiBenji Member
Hi Im not a techie but can anyone tell me how Foxycart voucher codes get processed using paypal express checkout.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi @Benji.
    Can you clarify what you're after? FoxyCart passes the full transaction across to PayPal, so the discounts will be passed through as well.
  • BenjiBenji Member
    Hi Brett Thanks for Getting Back to me. At the moment on my new test website there is no option to enter a voucher code during the check out process. When you checkout on my website you can choose Paypal and you go to the paypal page login in and then you are sent back to Foxycart for confirmation of the order the process does not offer an option of entering a voucher. I would like to offer an option for a voucher code in the shopping cart stage before they click the check out button.

    If you go to my test website and buy one book (you won't be charged) and follow the paypal payment link you will see I have no where to enter the voucher code maybe you could suggest the best solution.

    Also As the developers I have are not fully familiar with Foxycart maybe you could suggest someone who can act as my developer for all foxy cart related updates going forward or how best to find one.

    Kind Regards
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    I wasn't able to load your test website URL - but to answer your question: On 2.0, a customer will be able to enter a coupon code from the cart and the checkout - no matter how they pay. To prevent unnecessary cart abandonment though, we only display the coupon entry field if there is a valid coupon active in your store. Looking at your test store, there are no coupons added so that's why you're not seeing any entry options. If you add a coupon, you'll see that option present.

    In terms of developers, I'll whisper you our recommended developers list to take a look at.
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