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How to get notified for a Hold Payment from PayPal

Hi guys,
Two weeks ago, we received this notification(email) from foxycart
Transaction #xxxxxx for Company has a pending PayPal Express Checkout payment
Is it possible, this can be sent as a feed so our backend, can automatically put on hold these type of orders?

Do you know if we should receive these type of notifications on our emails by PayPal?, because we didn't receive any emails in the last incident.
The payment cleared after 3 business days, but it generates a manual process.

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi @austinbizmart. Please give us a bit to explore this. I know it's come up before, but I can't find our previous discussion (internally) about it.

    My belief is that PayPal will send an email if there's a problem with the payment, but that we are a bit more cautious and send if we see a delay. And most delays resolve just fine, so PayPal might not send their own notification. But I'm not positive, so please give us a bit to explore. Thanks!
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi @austinbizsmart.
    We have this ticketed up, and do plan on changing the way our _new_ PayPal integration works (the one currently marked "beta" in v2.0). At this point, however, we don't resend our own datafeed. We understand this isn't ideal, but it seems to happen infrequently enough as to hopefully not be a huge problem.
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