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Hi.. I have some doubts regarding the payment gateway status. Presently I am in test mode using But earlier when I set the gateway to skrill, I got datafeeds twice and all the operations executed twice. I think I could manage that using the status field of datafeed. Now in, the status field is empty. When I logged in to sandbox, I found the status as captured/pending settlement. My doubts are when I change the testmode to live,

1) Will the datafeed work once the payment is settled ?
2)What will be the field of if the payment is success ?
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi @aparna.

    Sorry about that. The "status" field is used on our end mainly for "hosted payment pages" or "alternate payment methods" and not normal payment gateways. You're right that with Skrill you might get things twice very quickly, but sometimes (depending on the payment method) it might take longer (like with an echeck, or in other situations with PayPal or Amazon).

    Does that help?

    For a "normal" gateway like, the status fields isn't used at this point, but we do plan on making that consistent in a future version.
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