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Some initial questions on integrating with MODx

protocreateprotocreate Member
in Help edited November 2007
This is sweet, Foxycart + MODx look like just the combo we've been needing for flexibility without the budget to get a full ground-up custom solution.

I have three main questions to start with:

1. We want to set up an order status, retrieve/repeat previous orders, etc customer area with MODx but would like to avoid customers having to deal with different login info between the two systems. Is there a way homogenize login info between Foxycart and MODx's web users?

2. We need to associate the order ID with a file uploaded by the customer during the order process (image uploaded for printing). Any suggestions on the best approach for this? Perhaps a hidden field set with the filename or a meaningful ID that is sent to foxy as a custom field (should be returned in the XML with the order then, right?).

3. Does Foxycart play any role in the fulfillment side of the order? I'm assuming that once the payment has been verified Foxycart is done. Just want to know if there are any considerations to keep in mind in terms of passing the FedEx tracking number back to the customer, order status/progress, etc.

Thanks, that's all for now (tho there is sure to be plenty more to come!)
- Gabe
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi Gabe. Glad you found us. We're actually working on a new tutorial for MODx + FoxyCart in the wiki, but you might not need it (and it's not done yet anyway). But something to keep an eye on and possibly contribute to.

    1. There could be two distinct ways to handle this. With 0.3.0 (which will be here very soon, maybe tonight) you'll be able to pre-populate the checkout fields, so you could conceivably store all the customer information in your system, then post it to the cart/checkout, making it seamless. This would effectively switch FoxyCart into "single use user mode", so the CC info wouldn't be saved (as there would be no authentication, just pre-population of the fields). That's an idea to prevent duplication of data.

    You could extend this a little further and post the MODx webuser ID to the cart as well, as a hidden field. (New in 0.3.0 also.) This ID could then be checked post-checkout in the XML datafeed and you could store their orders in your database for use however you'd like. This would actually work pretty well, though you'd need to know a little PHP/MySQL to make it happen. (We'd love to assist though if you do go down this path, as I'm sure other people would want it.)

    2. There are probably a dozen good ways to do this. Do you want the file uploaded pre- or post-transaction? If post, it'd be pretty easy to generate an upload form based on the XML datafeed. If pre, you could upload the file, on successful upload post a product (with the newly uploaded filename) to the cart,... and there you'd have the product in the cart with the associated filename. One idea, at least. With 0.3.0, as mentioned above, you can post session variables that make it all the way through to the XML, so that'd work as well, but it wouldn't be product specific.

    3. FoxyCart currently doesn't handle any sort of shipped/fulfilled/followed-up/etc. type of functionality. We've actually been kicking around an idea to make an unbelievably flexible set of building blocks to allow stuff like that, but that's still in the idea phase. We know we _need_ some additional functionality, but we don't want to build a one-size-fits-all solution. We want to give you the tools to build exactly what you need with nothing more, nothing less.

    As far as shipping tracking numbers, that's definitely something we've discussed. Shipping label generation as well (for admin emails). Lots of neat possibilities with that.)

    Let me know how that all sounds.
  • That sounds great, looks like I stumbled onto this at a good time given the pending features in 0.3.0. I will certainly need assistance sorting out a single login solution, but will be a bit before that phase of our project comes into play.

    Session variables was something I thought might work as well. There is only one product (printing the uploaded image is it, with a variety of selectable options) so should be fine. The upload is pre-transaction, the very first step so that the rest of the order process can focus on selecting/applying/previewing printing options and sending the info on to Foxycart.

    I had a feeling what we need was either doable or in the roadmap, you guys do not disappoint (rather, you impress). Looking forward to pulling all this together. Step one for us is the uploaded image to transaction association. Then we'll be ready to look into setting up a customer area and consistent logins. Point 3 isn't as present, but will be nice to round out streamlining the admin side of things. Nice to see all this happens to track with the way things seem to be rolling out on your end :)

    Note: I get all this conceptually, but don't have much practical experience; I'll be all over any tutorials you put out (I've already read through the wiki and forums a couple times). I'm definitely excited by the possibilities and ready to tackle the learning curve... any of you over on the MODx forums are likely to start seeing a lot of me there too.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Well we're very glad to impress ;) Thanks for the kind words.

    I think the image -> transaction is just a matter of sticking the filename into whatever form you're using to post to FoxyCart. You can make it a hidden field that will show up as a product option, or take the session variable approach by adding an h: in front of the input name. It should really be as simple as that.

    Feel free to ask for any help you might need.
    0.3.0 is live now, so you can experiment with that stuff. It might take us a bit to get the wiki caught up with some of the new features, so just ask if you have any questions.
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