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how to get the order id or transaction id in foxycart generated invoice?

sivasiva Member

I need to get the order id in foxycart generated invoice. i am getting the order id in xml datafeed but i want to get that field value when user clicks continue button in foxycart generated invoice. what i mean is when user clicks the continue button then there will be a receipt continue url like httP:// in this processtransaction.aspx page i need to get the order id.....i tried passing the value using but when i try to access in like dim strorderid as string=Request.QueryString("Name") i am not getting the value.

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Sure thing. Instead of relying on the customer clicking the continue link to pass that over, I'd suggest making use of the webhooks functionality. You can see information on that here:

    What that feature does is sends an encrypted copy of each successful transactions information to an endpoint on your side. At that endpoint, you would decrypt the datafeed, and then you can perform any customisations you need. For example, that could be adding the customer to a mailing list, adjusting inventory levels, adding information to a database or performing fulfilment requests.
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