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Hi FoxyCart, I'm new to the system so please forgive me for any ignorance.

When a repeat customer signs back in using their e-mail, the cart says "Welcome back! Enter your password to continue." Then, after a successful sign-in, there is a message that says "Your account information was retrieved successfully." But the original text "Welcome back! Enter your password to continue" is still on the screen along with the sign-in button.

This is going to be confusing for our customers. There are two conflicting messages on the screen: one that says they should sign in, and one that says they are already signed in. As we all know, people don't read. It's easy to miss the message "Your account information was retrieved successfully."

Is this behavior on purpose? If not, would you consider fixing this? In the meantime, is there an event that is triggered on the page when the customer has signed in, so I can respond by hiding the login elements?

Thank you.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    That is an excellent question - and I can definitely see your point. I'll create a ticket on our side for that enhancement and we'll discuss it moving forward.

    For the interim, you can hook into the "customer-login" event, which will be called after the customer successfully logs in. That would look like this:
    <script type="text/javascript">FC.client.on("customer-login.done", function() {
    // Your code in here
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