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Suggestion on email subject sent out by forum.

Hi there,

I have a suggestion or perhaps a feature request (so I categorized this post as such).

Presently this forum sends out emails indicating that someone has responded within a thread that I am watching or participating in. All well and good.

Except...well...the subject line of these emails starts out with "[FoxyCart Forum] fc_adam mentioned you in ...." I put ellipsis to indicate a very small snippet of varying text depending on the thread subject.

It really is not useful for me to know who mentioned me. No offense intended.

But the above email subject essentially fills up my FoxyCart Forum email folder with emails that look almost identical by subject. Unless I expand the width of the subject heading (but then I would want to put it back to it's normal width so it's not something I want do be doing every single time I go to reading emails from the forum).

Can you please remove who the email is from, who mentioned me, who sent me a message, who whatever?

It just makes for a very long subject line filled with info that I don't need to know and which info makes all the emails from the forum appear the same within my email client (unless as I said I change the width of the email subject). FoxyCart Forum's emails are the ONLY one's that this is a problem with. No one else uses such long subject lines.

I just want to know the subject of the thread so that I can quickly glance at the subject among the hundreds of forum emails I have accumulated to tell where the one that interests me is. As it is I find myself clicking and opening email after email wondering where in the world the email I am interested in is (based on a subject that I can't even see). A pain.

For what it's worth.

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately our forum software doesn't give us an option to alter how the subject is formatted. I definitely understand what you're saying though!
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