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Payment Error

I'm getting these error messages and not sure what it is:

Error: There was an error processing your payment: The OrderReferenceId P01-3888548-8737014 has constraints PaymentPlanNotSet and cannot be confirmed.
Error: There was an error processing your payment: The BillingAgreementId B01-1406554-5405824 has constraints PaymentMethodDeleted and cannot be confirmed.

Any ideas?
  • evgevg FoxyCart Team
    Hi @jerryforeman,

    This happened because the customer had not selected a correct payment method in the widget.
    Either they didn't have a registered card or their registered card was expired.

    In order to avoid confusion, I think we should provide our own wording for such errors rather that just forwarding the ones Amazon replies with. I'll create a ticket for it.
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