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Making price column header and actual price per unit appear even for qty of 1 on the Foxy 2.0 Cart?

You all seem to like having things disappear when not needed :). Some people might like that but for older customers (and some that aren't so old) that can get real confusing right quick.

Anybody know of an easy way to make the Price column on the cart (FoxyCart 2.0) and the actual price per item that appears to the left of the qty field when the qty is more than one...appear and stay on the screen at all times (whether ordering just 1 or more than 1 of a particular product)?

Any input on this would be appreciated.



  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    You're definitely free to change that functionality - you would need to alter the cart include twig template - look for the reference to item.quantity != 1 - if you remove that if statement, and it's matching endif tag, that should make the per item price always be visible.
  • Will do Adam. Nice to have you back. I noticed your absence and missed having your input. The place just wasn't the same without you.

  • For anyone reading this thread in the future and wondering how to do what I asked addition to Adam's suggestion the "Price" column is displayed by a twig if/endif section in another section of the cart include template.

    To make the "Price" column always show you will need to comment out (or remove the if / endif statements but NOT the code inside these statements) the following twig.

    {#% if (item_count != items|length) %#}
    {{ config.lang.cart_price|raw }}
    {#% endif %#}

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Ah good catch - sorry for missing that.
  • No problem at all Adam. Just thought I would add what I said for completeness in case anyone else ever read this and was wondering how to do the same thing.

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