Block resources report in Webmaster tools

Recently I have seen about 25 or so pages showing up on Webmaster tools to say that google cannot successfully index the page due to blocked resources.

I continued to see that a robots disallow at the store side of my foxy cart subdomain which is causing the error.

I have read that this error can affect ranking results. see

see this as well -- says "rendering without resource may impair indexing".

Anyway can the robots be allowed to the foxy cart subdomain or is there a way to fix?

  • Hi just a follow up on this question if anybody can pitch in. As mentioned noticed and Webmaster tools, foxy cart seems to be blocking Google bot which is appearing in the report. I believe this is against the guidelines of Google, so somehow I need to fix – would having my own SSL solve the issue? thanks a lot
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Sorry for the delay in responding. We are discussing this amongst the team and looking at Googles requirements for that. We'll post back again as soon as we can.
  • Hi just a follow up on this question -

    If I turn off side cart will this resolve the errors I am getting at GA, I am a bit concerned as my traffic has dropped since upgrading the cart to the new version (was in a very early release).
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    As an interim solution - you would need to not include the FoxyCart javascript file on your page - that would prevent that asset being present in your page and hitting the blocked assets report from Google. Disabling Sidecart would still have the javascript file present in your page.

    Worth noting - that does mean that there could be the possibility of a customers cart session not being tracked correctly as the javascript facilitates that.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    @erikzett, could you whisper me the full list of blocked resources you're seeing? We aren't seeing any on our Google Webmaster Tools account, unfortunately.

    If it's just the cart… we'll have to look into that. But all the other resources (CSS, JS, images) should be loading over our CDN, which doesn't have any robots.txt that'd prevent the google bot from accessing them.

    I'd be very, very surprised if upgrading your FoxyCart version had anything to do with your traffic, as there really aren't any changes that'd impact this "blocked resources" report. The cart's still on a domain with a robots.txt, but all other assets are still on the CDN, which is indexable.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    @erikzett, let me know if you can get me that info. I'm still wanting to figure this out. Thanks!
  • I've just noticed these errors appearing in our search console blocked resources report too.

    Google can successfully render the pages so its rated as a low severity.

    I assume that if you still have the disallow directive in robots.txt that you are confident that this is not detrimental to the site in question?

    Can anyone confirm any issues after migrating to using FC on their site?

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team
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    Sorry to hear that! Would it be possible for you to whisper the list of blocked resources you're seeing in the report? We'd love to dig into this further.
  • @fc_adam

    It's the js called when accessing the side cart through the links that is blocked.

    Everyone using that style of cart will have those blocked resources as it's default in your robots.txt files.

    As I said its rated a low severity in Search Console, so I think Google are recognising it as an external resource that is not on the critical rendering path.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thanks for whispering and for the additional information. We'll take another look into this and let you know what we can confirm.
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    A quick update for this thread if anyone comes across it in the future:

    Google's Search Console available within their Webmaster Tools does have a report which shows blocked resources that they detect when indexing your site. These are listed as warnings which Google says may impact rankings - which as your rankings in search engines can be vital to the success of your store, does make them important to review.

    When reviewing that report when also using Foxy, you may see warnings present for your store's cart URL - like or similar. These types of requests are our javascript fetching the customers current cart session on your site. This data is purely dynamic, and so has no need to be indexed by a search engine. In fact - it has more potential to cause issues down the track if it was indexed. As such, we do include a robots.txt file on the /cart which blocks search engines from indexing it.

    It can still lead to some confusion or concern though seeing those URL's included within the report. As best we can tell, Google won't negatively impact your search ranking for third-party blocked resources being present on your page. From a blog post here, it refers to a response from a member of the Google France support team that said this (translated to English):
    I confirm that Niko said earlier: these files are not problematic because they are resources hosted on third party sites.
    The most important is to unlock resources hosted on your domain.
    From what we understand - the warning that Google provide is more pertinent to any of those blocked resources that directly impact the ability for it to see the content of your page. If you happened to be loading your pages content that you needed Google to index from a third-party source, and it was blocked, then that could definitely impact your search rankings, as Google wouldn't be able to see it. As Google doesn't need to index the customers dynamic cart though, it should not have any impact on your search rankings.

    Google's documentation also allude to that on this page:
    Go through the list and start with those that might affect the content and layout in a meaningful way. Less important resources, such as tracking pixels or counters, aren't worth bothering with.
    Move on to hosts that you don't own, and if the resources have a strong visual impact, either contact the webmaster of those sites to ask them to consider unblocking the resource to Googlebot, or consider removing your page's dependency on that resource.
    Hopefully that helps clarify - feel free to reach out if you have any further questions about your Foxy store though.
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