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Trying to set a subscription account to inactive in the Foxycart admin (but can not)

I am attempting to set a user as inactive in the Foxycart admin but can not:
Error: There was an error processing your payment: (10002 Authentication/Authorization Failed) You do not have permissions to make this API call

This is preventing me from being able to modify our Payment options b/c this user has a recurring subscription in Paypal (this is all in test mode).

Any advice on making that user inactive? We're using Foxycart 2.0
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    I believe I know what's happening here, but I'd like to see the subscription itself to confirm. Could you please whisper me the subscription and store details so we can take a closer look?
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    @flinx777, So… that store is a dev store using the sandbox PayPal. When we deactivate a subscription (if it's a PayPal subscription using the old method, not the new Reference Transaction method), we make the call to PayPal to tell them to turn the subscription off.

    That error is PayPal saying we can't turn that subscription off. Probably because the PayPal sandbox setup wasn't completed correctly:

    Can you check on that?

    Also, I see that dev store's got the old (deprecated) PayPal method. We _strongly_ recommend using the new Reference Transaction approach if you're doing subscriptions. Let's discuss that for this client in the other conversation we've got going.
  • @brett, thanks for your response...we'll study that to try and deactivate on the Paypal side of things.

    >>>Also, I see that dev store's got the old (deprecated) PayPal method.

    Yeh, we tried to deactivate the Paypal account but could not ( which is what lead us to try and deactivate the user (which we could not)...kind of become a vicious cycle. We'll try to resolve things through Paypal.

    Thanks again!
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