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Display Checkout like Sidecart on own site at all possible?

itsrnitsrn Member
Hi, I've never used FoxyCart, so maybe this is not a very sensible question:
I see that I can display the cart on my own site, like in standard responsive cart implementation.
Is it at all possible to display the checkout page in that sidebar too? Or is it mandatory to switch to Is an iFrame an option?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Good question. We don't currently support displaying the checkout on your own site as well, or have a standard iframe based approach that we support out of the box either.

    For what it's worth - if you're concerned about the domain name showing FoxyCart, it is possible to purchase a custom SSL to have the store pages be shown as a subdomain of your own domain. More details on that here:
  • itsrnitsrn Member
    Thank you for the quick response, Adam.

    The domain is not the issue. It's really about staying on that page, inside that sidebar.
    Does "currently" mean, you did not implement it (yet), but it should be possible? How about a not-out-of-the-box, custom iframe based approach? We don't really need a copy/paste solution, just need to know if it can be done with FoxyCart.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi @itsrn. Great question. We don't really have a short answer, but…

    * An "in context" checkout a la the sidecart approach would be really awesome to see. It's something I've thought about, and should be possible (in theory), but it's not something we could offer much support with at this point. (Also, the Amazon and PayPal checkout flows would be difficult-to-impossible as is, but if you don't need those, you'd probably have an easier time.)

    * An iframed checkout is indeed possible, and at least a few of our users have done it in the past. That said, it's also not a tested and recommended option, so we couldn't offer you much support (though we'd love to see what you do if you attempt it, and we'd certainly be open to your feedback on what we might be able to do to make things easier).

    So ultimately: A whole lot of things are possible, but if you go that far off the rails, we might not be able to offer much support.
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