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Extra fees

How can I add an extra fee to the cart?

There is item price, and shipping cost. I need to add assembly rates for some items in the cart.

Ideally an item in the cart would look something like this:

Product name $100
Assembly $20

And later in the totals:

Subtotal $100
Assembly $20
Shipping & Handling $10
Sales Tax (8.625%): $8.63
Order Total: $138.63

Assembly is not included in sales tax.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    There unfortunately isn't an easy way to add a separate line item like that to the totals. Would it be acceptable for that assembly fee to be counted as a handling fee? If so - you could set the handling fee at the category level and those fees will be rolled in with the shipping charges.
  • Thank you for your response, @fc_adam. Not ideal, but solved the issue.
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