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Order submission FAIL due to "Missing" shipping selection even when selected

We have an ongoing critical issue with our live checkout page failing to successfully submit an order based on a phantom "Missing Shipping Option" -- even though a shipping option has clearly been selected (see screenshot below). None of the three available shipping options will allow a successful order submission. If it helps, we also make extensive use of multi-ship. Strangely, this problem is NOT an issue once multi-ship is triggered. It's ONLY happening when there is a single Ship To bucket.

Any clue as to how this is even possible and what the fix might be? It goes without saying that we'd love your assistance in getting this ironed out as soon as possible.

  • Hey, I'm working with @Leafcutter on this. Let me know if you have questions about this and I maybe able to answer more technical questions.
    As stated above, the multi-ship (multiple location/person) works, but a single item, single shipping does not.

    Let us know if our implementation of the Flatrate is incorrect. Thanks.
  • Bumping this post. @fc_adam? @brett?
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    @leafcutter @Ryuhei, we're taking a look.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    edited August 2015
    @leafcutter @Ryuhei, could you provide step by step instructions to see this happen? I just tested with a single ship to and didn't get the validation error.
    (Whisper to me and @fc_adam and @fc_jed if you don't want to post publicly.)

    Also, did this just break recently, or has it been doing this for a while?
  • Hey @brett,
    If you order through the custom order system it works fine whatever way you do it. We treat every item as a multi-ship item and things are happy.

    It breaks when you add an order from a page such as below (single-ship/location):

    Then you proceed to the checkout. The item is treated as a single item since its being added to "Me".
    This will trigger the checkout to be processed. The flatrate code runs and produced the right table of options.
    You select an option, and try to pay, but a validation error persists (doesn't matter what payment method).

    Let me know.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team
    @Ryuhei, @Leafcutter,

    I believe you're running into a similar issue that another user experienced recently, which involves a conflict between the Google Analytics integration and the custom flat rates snippet. We'll be working on an update to the snippet soon, but for now try adding this code right after the existing flat rates snippet, including it after the </script> tag of the custom snippet but before the {% endif %} twig tag.

    Hopefully that will get rid of this error you're experiencing.
  • @fc_adam, Thanks for that. I think we're all back in business.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Awesome - glad to hear it!
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