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How To Force Display of Billing Fields on Checkout Page

We are using a custom checkout template and are noticing that the underlying FC system is making decisions about when to show or not show the Billing Address fields based on somewhat mysterious criteria. How do we override this behavior and force the Billing Address fields to always show on the checkout page, including in multi-ship scenarios and/or registered user scenarios?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Just to clarify with you - what situations are you not seeing the billing address fields as an option where you think they should be?

    Generally speaking - the billing address fields will always be available, but they may be hidden by default with a checkbox to specify a different billing address.

    We made a change in 2.0 to default to having the shipping address display first, with an option to enter a different billing address, rather than the opposite that was the mainstay of ecommerce sites with a default billing address and separate shipping address. We made that change based on feedback from some larger stores and other research online that showed an increase in conversions with that set up.

    There are instances where the billing address will be shown by default - and that includes a non-shippable product and a multi-ship based checkout where there are a shipto address other than "Me".
  • @fc_adam,

    I think this change you made in 2.0 is probably spot on for most online shops. Our issue is somewhat unique in that most of our customers are sending gifts directly to recipients, so more often that not the billing address is different than the shipping address. Hence our preference to always show the billing fields by default and simply include a "Copy to billing" checkbox underneath the shipping address via custom javascript.

    We are in fact seeing the billing address show by default in a multi-ship scenario where there's a ship to address other than "Me" but only when there's only ONE shipto address. We're not seeing the billing address show by default when there are multiple shipto addresses other than "Me." This is confusing because it's not at all obvious to the customer which address is being used for billing. The system seems to automatically assume that the second (or last) shipto address to be added is the billing address, but because it's hidden, it's impossible for the customer to know.

    If you want to replicate the problem scenario, go here: -- add any SKU to your cart, then "Keep Shopping" and add another SKU to your cart but this time select "Ship To: Recipient 2" instead of "Recipient 1". Then proceed to the checkout page. I think you'll see that the billing fields are hidden by default, even though it sounds like they are supposed to be showing by default in this scenario. How can we override this and show by default?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thanks for clarifying that. That is indeed a bug - whether you have one or multiple multiship addresses - the billing address fields should be displayed by default in that instance. I'll create a ticket to get that fixed as soon as we can.

    For your set up though - you can alter it with some Twig code - specifically this:
    {% set use_alternate_shipping_address = true %}
    {% set multiship_show_use_different_addresses = false %}
    Try adding that right above the line in your checkout template that is as follows:

    {% embed '' %}
  • @fc_adam, @ryuhei -

    Thanks for verifying and for the fix. Will this also hide the "Use a different billing address" checkbox under the last shipto address? If not, what can we add to clean that detail up as well? Thanks!
  • @fc_adam, @ryuhei -

    Issue resolved. The Twig code works great and it's also hiding the undesired checkbox, so we're all set on this one. Thanks for the quick resolution.
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