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V.5 beta questions?

in General edited February 2009
Noticed the beta release of V.5.0.

I understand there are some big differences under to hood (so-to-type) with respect to member management and we'd love to be able to take advantage of these. We're curious how stable this release is because this project that I'm speaking of is slated to go live on March 5th.

Is it advised to stick with version 4 until FC anoints V.5.0 as a viable option?
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Well, technically all of FC is "beta" but it's beta like gmail has been beta for years... That being said, we think v050 is pretty solid. We are, however, making small tweaks and improvements with it. A couple very minor bugs, for example, were fixed just yesterday. One of them existed in 040 and was fixed there as well. The main reason we haven't "blessed" it yet is because it's a major redesign of the subscription system. We are going to move our own billing system to 050 and run it through it's paces before we officially tell everyone else it's good to go. Each new release has its growing pains as customers do things we've never thought of, but for the most part we fix bugs really quickly.

    Hopefully it will be an "official" release before March 5th. We plan on moving our systems to it next week... if all goes well. :)
  • Very cool, thanks!
  • This is awesome.

    Have you guys got a copy of those release notes anywhere that popup when you select 0.5.0 in the Admin settings?
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Those notes are changing as we make changes, so... no. When it's officially released it will show up on the home page just like the other change logs.
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