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Images stopped showing up in cart/checkout

Not sure when this happened but all the images stopped showing up. The only way could get them to work was to directly link instead o f using your caching thing but that makes the site unsecure. Any thoughts?
  • fc_jedfc_jed FoxyCart Team

    Would you mind pasting the image URL that's showing up from the cache?
  • cychenheqcychenheq Member
    edited September 2015

    The top image works if you go directly to it but with your caching, it says the image does not exist. We have this issue all across our cart and checkout page. I am having to link it unsecurely as a result just to show the buttons.

    We have not made any edits to the template so I'm not sure if there is something on your end since that new update changed anything.
  • cychenheqcychenheq Member
    edited September 2015
    When you paste the cached link directly into the browser, it works, but not when pasted into the template. The images are missing. No images show up

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Did you manage to clear this up? When I load the caching URL you linked to above, it's showing the image correctly there.

    Looking at your checkout, I can see some images missing. One example is the menu buttons. Looking at one of them, the caching URL is pointed to this URL:

    Loading that URL it leads to a 404 - which would explain why our caching system is having trouble finding the image. You'll need to ensure that all images are where you're expecting them to be. Once you do that, you can clear the image cache from the menu of the same name in your store's administration and refresh your checkout to re-cache the images.
  • If you paste the cached link directly into a browser, yes it works, but when you paste that cached link to the actual template in foxycart, they do not show up. image

    See screenshot.

    Clearing cache does not do anything. The only way they show up in the template is if I link it directly without the cached linked but that makes the site technically unsecure. For now that's the only thing I can do otherwise, customers cannot proceed to checkout if they can't see the button.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    I just quickly tried altering your cart template, replacing the coupon apply button to be the cached link rather than the direct link, and it displayed on the cart just fine.

    Here is a screenshot of what I was seeing:

    Note the image URL in the inspector panel in the bottom right - it's the cached URL and it's displaying fine on the page.
  • The checkout is still missing all of the images. Those did have incorrect image paths before but they've been fixed, but even with the cached cleared multiple times, they still show up missing. For example:

    In the template, that doesn't show up. I haven't changed any of the code in the checkout template so they all have the cached urls there. Not sure if it just takes time to show up or if there's something else wrong.

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Aha! I see the issue. Your CSS is linking to the insecure versions of the images, so You've got something on your side that redirects those to be over HTTPS, making use of your SSL certificate on your server. The caching system doesn't follow redirects currently, so that's why it's failing to load.

    As you've got an SSL certificate on your server though, you can set up your assets to be loaded by HTTPS and our caching system won't bother with trying to cache them, just load them securely from your own server.

    The images that were working - such as the "btn_checkout" image - they're from a different domain that isn't redirecting to HTTPS, so our caching system is able to successfully load them.
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