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XML feed error "foxy"

I am testing out some changes on my test account and my XML feed fails with the following error in my FoxyCart error log:
DataFeed Failed: (858972053) 2015-09-08 11:03:44 Datafeed Returned: request_url = /fc/norra_fc_xml_feed.phpfoxy
It has "foxy" where the error code usually goes. Since that's the code I'm supposed to return on success, I'm highly mystified as to what the error is. There is nothing in my PHP error log and all the database updates my feed script was supposed to do were done.

What could the problem be?

  • fc_jedfc_jed FoxyCart Team

    Admittedly, I was confused about this myself. I consulted this with a more experienced teammate and it was discussed that the best way to resolve your issue is to not return anything other than foxy. So, when you encounter any result other than foxy you can just automatically consider that an error.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Just to expand on Jed's previous reply - the error log that you pasted shows that there is actually more than just foxy being returned from your datafeed endpoint. In particular, this is what is being returned:

    request_url = /fc/norra_fc_xml_feed.phpfoxy

    You'll need to inspect your datafeed endpoint script and see how that additional text is being output and prevent it from happening so only foxy is returned.
  • Ah - I see now. I had left in a bit of debugging code! I have now removed it. Thanks.
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