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Allow advanced search in forums

the forum search is incredibly frustrating at times with no ability to filter results and/or add options like "in title" or" in post", etc.
Also, no way to search with two words in a post (must have these two words in one post, etc).
would make the forum way more useful.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thanks for your thoughts. We know the forum search isn't as powerful as it could be, and we do hope to improve it in the future as we're able.

    As a work-around, if you're looking for a more powerful search set up you can make use of Google by using their site parameter like this: SEARCH TERMS
  • using site: SEARCH TERMS
    works great.
    Just an idea... maybe pop in a note about this work-around next to the search box until you officially add advanced search functionality. Would help others a lot I'm sure.
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