Product option "add ons" that increase cost

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Hi. trying to correctly code a button/menu that will allow me to add an option, which then will add a price to an item and show total within the cart.


Widget: $100 (will show widget thumb in cart) (BTW,using the term "widget" for a generic item)

(drop down menu)
-Defaults to "Regular" with $0 added or...
-Super amazing add-on: +$50
-Super duper add-on: +$75
-Super amazing and duper add-ons: +$125

When an add-on is picked, the add-on amount is added and totaled in the cart.

*Was also want to do this under the "parent item" so that if removed from the cart, item and add-ons are removed.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Do you need the addon to be a separate product - or for the customer to be able to add addon's to the product later?

    If not - you could make use of product option modifiers, which allow you to alter a products price based on options selected. You can see information on them here: You could set up the addons as checkboxes, the user could select any number of addons and when adding the product to their cart it would be a single product but with the custom options as product attributes.

    If you do - you could make use of product bundles, and you would just need to set up your add to cart links for the addons to specify the parent product's code as detailed in the wiki for that, also at Product bundling will allow to link the addon to the product and prevent it from being removed without the parent product.
  • I will check this out.
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