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Problem with Japanese address format

It looks like when someone orders from Japan, the address comes through on the receipt with a 2-digit number in place of the prefecture. For example, a customer who ordered something yesterday put in a billing address in Norway and a shipping address in Japan, and what showed on the receipt was (name and street addresses changed for privacy):

Billing Address:
John Doe
123 Fake St

Shipping Address:
John Doe
C/O Jane Doe
123 Madeup St

For the Japan address, the customer entered "Tsu-shi" for the city, "Mie" for the prefecture, and "5140821" for the postal code. On the receipt, "Mie" appears in the middle of the Norway address, where it does not belong, and "24" appears in its place in the Japan address. From some looking on wikipedia, it seems like there might be a numbering system that links 24 and Mie prefecture, but that's the only place I see the link. In all the Japanese address guides I've found, it's always the name of the prefecture, not a number.

Apparently our packages have been getting to Japan just fine, so it's not an urgent issue, but we'd love it if someone could look into this and see if there are some wires crossed somewhere! We are not using the automatic postal code lookup, by the way.
  • It looks like the 2-digit code can stand in for the prefecture ( but I still think it would cause less customer confusion to have the name show instead. Also, there's still the issue of the prefecture showing up in the Norway address...
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Your research is correct - the number you're seeing there does relate to the alphanumeric code for the prefecture.

    For some instances, this is preferable (for example in Australia the code is "NSW" for "New South Wales") - but obviously in this case it's not. We'll look at adjusting that on our side.

    For the state name appearing in the wrong place - that I'm not sure on. Could you whisper me the store domain and transaction ID and we'll take a look at that.
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