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UK / IE PayPal Pro Gateway setup issues (new PayPal interface)

mjmmjm Member
in Help edited February 2009

My Client signed up for the UK PayPal Website Payments Pro using the following URL :

He upgraded an existing standard paypal account which I believe was also an Irish account (if that makes a difference)

After going through the process and approval he now has a verified Premier account.


I am having issues setting up the foxycart gateway using the instructions found on the wiki. After reading other posts, it appears that PayPal have recently upgraded their site, so the screen shots and process described on the wiki are no longer the same. I am having problems guessing the correct fields to enter in the Foxycart backend and was hoping for some assistance.

I have created several screenshots of the PayPal admin to show you what could possibly be entered. All my current attempts at guessing have failed with the same foxycart error message when trying to make a real transaction :

"Account configuration issue. Please verify your login credentials."

(I have signed up for Foxycart and I am using the live gateway.)

First, here are the required fields on the Foxycart Payments Gateway setup page using "PayPal PayFlow Pro" option :

    [li]Merchant Login Name = ?[/li]

    [li]Partner = ? [/li]

    [li]PayFlow Pro Password = ?[/li]

And here are the various screens in PayPal admin (after i have added an API account)

1. Profile Screen

2. API Access

3. Grant API Permissions

3.1 Edit API Permissions

4. Request API Access

Could you please tell me what i can try to get it working. I have already tried many combinations with no success.

Testing gateway tips?

Also is there a way to confirm the connection has been successful in the foxycart admin once you save the settings? There is no feedback, positive or negative, apart form "the gateway has been updated" message. Currently i make the changes, save, then try to make a real transaction with my credit card - the process is a little tedious so any easier testing tips would be appreciated!

Many Thanks!

  • AdamWintleAdamWintle Member
    edited February 2009
    Hi Michael,

    PayPal have recently changed the inner workings of their system - the info on the Wiki is for their older system which required all of that API, Merchant names and Partner name; but they have migrated everything to the same system as the US PayPal.

    If you've signed up to PayPal before a certain date you'll have the old PayPal Manager, but I think most people are getting the US system now.

    Give the PayPal Pro (Websites Payments Pro US) Payment Gateway settings a go in the FoxyCart Admin, all you need to do is put in your PayPal email address... if that doesn't work I'll look through the settings of one of my older UK FoxyCart stores and check what the right combination of those settings is - its a little tricky to get right at first (as you seem to have found out)

    I hope that helps :)

    oh, and as far as testing goes, you should be able to change your store to test mode and use the card 4111 1111 1111 1111 security number 123 and use any date... at least I think that's what it was.
  • mjmmjm Member
    edited February 2009
    Hi Mallmus,

    Many thanks for your response and also for the tip!

    I have switched to the "PayPal Pro (Websites Payments Pro US) Payment" Gateway and followed the instructions on the wiki entry about granting the ""

    It seems to be working as i received an error message about invalid post-code which went away when i corrected it. However i am still not allowed to make the transaction as it gives an error about the merchant account not being able to process transactions.

    "Error: There was an error processing your payment: (10548 Invalid Configuration) This transaction cannot be processed. The merchant's account is not able to process transactions."

    I have given the user "" full permissions (i.e. i ticked all the boxes in the advanced mode)

    Is this an issue with paypal or should we try the payflow settings again?
  • OK, It appears that he did not fill out the relevant details of his Business under the "Business Information" in the profile section. You fill in the relevant details then upgrade and your account becomes a "Business" account.

    Great, but now I get an even scarier message which suggests we will have to find another way - The merchant country is not supported.

    "Error: There was an error processing your payment: (10565 Merchant country unsupported.) The merchant country is not supported."

    Could it be because its an Irish PayPal account? He could sign up for a UK one as he has an address in UK if it would make a difference?

    Has anyone else successfully configured Foxycart and UK or IE Paypal with the new PayPal interface?
  • Hey,

    Hmm, it seems your doing everything correctly, if you've followed those five steps in the Wiki then it should work.
    Has anyone else successfully configured Foxycart and UK or IE Paypal with the new PayPal interface?

    I know one person who had, I'll ask him to jump on the forums tomorrow if we haven't solved this by then

    I've done a quick bit of research about PayPal Ireland and it seems their Pro system does not support the API yet, check this forum post. I'm going to look into this PayPal Ireland thing a bit more...

    Has your client been through the PayPal vetting process and eventually got the PayPal Pro account live? - I'd call PayPal support and see if it can be switched to a UK account which would then eliminate any possibility of that...
  • AdamWintleAdamWintle Member
    edited February 2009
    Here's another forum post with some insight.

    To paraphrase:
    You're pretty much stuck with Website Payments Standard if you're not in the US, UK, or CA.
    Website Payments Pro = Express Checkout + Direct Payments.
    DirectPayment is only for US/UK
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    @mjm, I think the biggest thing to understand is that a "Business" or "Premier" PayPal account is _not_ the same as a "Pro" or "Website Payments Pro" account. At least, that's as far as we know. The language or offerings may be different in different countries, but unless you're paying a monthly fee ($30 USD/mo, not sure the current price for £ or €) you don't have Website Payments Pro, and you'll be unable to process transactions this way. (This is because normal PayPal accounts don't allow you to use their system for off-site checkouts, which is what FoxyCart is; you have to go through PayPal's checkout.)

    Can you confirm that the account is indeed a Website Payments Pro (or Pro, or Payflow Pro, or etc.) account? Based on your screenshots I don't think it is, as a WPP account will have a Virtual Terminal link in the right column of the Profile Summary page. (At least, it will in the US.)
  • This definitely looks different than my Payments Pro (Canada) account. At the top of the profile page where you have MERCHANT: ######### ours reads BUSINESS: ######

    There's also references to WPPro in the rest of the page.
  • mjmmjm Member
    edited March 2009
    First of all, many thanks for everyones help.

    As Brett correctly identified, it was not an actual Website Payments Pro account. Apparently Ireland do not offer this service.

    Therefore all screenshots above are from PayPal Ireland - which will currently not work with FoxyCart (please delete or modify this post if you feel it might confuse some others)

    I have now seen a real Paypal Pro login screen and, as gougeaway mentioned, it does look very different to the screenshots i posted. The url is also different - it uses a sub-domain of

    We have now given up on PayPal and are attempting to use PayPoint - fingers crossed!
  • Can I ask if there is any solution to the UK website payments pro issue - I am setting up Payflow Pro Access and the wiki does not look the same as what I see.

    Account configuration issue. Please verify your login credentials.

    The furthest I get in paypal is to this screen


    how can I grant access to the shopping cart service provider - foxycart when it is not on the list???

    Ian Hussey
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    I'm not up to speed on all these... but you should be able to put in your user, vendor and password into FoxyCart when you setup your gateway. Does that not work? I'm pretty sure we have other UK stores using Payflow Pro in the UK without a problem. I guess the answer here would be user your own API access. The challenging thing for us is that we don't have back-end access to a lot of these gateway systems because we don't have bank accounts and companies setup in the UK. Hopefully Brett or Fred can comment on this as well.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    edited March 2009
    Hi Ian.
    There are two version of PayPal in the UK, and as far as I've been able to figure out they're both called the same thing at different times.

    Your account is not the Website Payments Pro interface, but rather the Payflow Pro interface. Try these instructions:
    Since you have a "Partner" field, that's likely what you'll need to use. And in the FoxyCart admin you'll need to select Payflow Pro, not Website Payments Pro.

    We know it's confusing. We're confused by it as well. I've updated the wiki to hopefully make things more clear. Please let us know if that helps.

    Edit: I was wrong. See below.
  • ihusseyihussey Member
    edited March 2009
    Hi finally got things working: here was the solution

    Payflow did not work. So I went down the Paypal payments pro route.

    Login to paypal

    > profile
    > request api credentials
    > Option 1 - paypal API > set up Paypal API credentials and permissions
    > grant API permission - use

    Then in foxy cart set payment method to use Paypal Pro (website payments pro US) just put in paypal email address.

    At last - now I just need my membership system fixed in foxEE

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Wow, that's super weird. I've never seen a (true) Website Payments Pro account that displayed a Partner field.

    Can you let us know what URL you use to login? We'll try to update our documentation as necessary to make sure others can avoid this confusion down the road. I'm glad you got it working. Sorry I pointed you in the wrong direction.
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