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Multiple logins for the same store admin

bjbkbjbk Member
in Help edited September 2009
Hey guys,

Im just about finished an intergration with foxycart for a client, and I created the shop under my business account.

Is it possible to create a login for them for just their shop? Or does each shop only have one login available?

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi bjbk (wow, that's surprisingly difficult to type).

    Yes, you can tie multiple accounts to multiple stores (or multiple stores to one account). Go ahead and set up an account for your client but don't create a store, then whisper us the new account and the store you'd like it connected with. We'll eventually make this manageable from the admin, but for now we have to do it manually.
  • Sweet thanks brett, I'll whisper you when I have it setup
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