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NASHVILLE PEEPS! We want to MEET YOU! Tuesday, Sept 22

brettbrett FoxyCart Team
in Important News edited September 2009
This wasn't supposed to be quite so last minute, but I'll be flying to Nashville next week for a few things, and while I'm there we wanted to meet any and all FoxyCart users in the greater Nashville area. (Luke and Chris are already in Nashville.)

* Tuesday, September 22
* Evening
* Location TBD, depending on interest

Interested? Please respond to this thread. If you aren't in Nashville but know a FoxyCart user who is, PLEASE let them know. We've been so busy with the server migration and v060 that we've neglected to properly plan this.

So... please respond to this thread with:
- Your interest
- A suggested location
- Any special requests

Thanks all. There are a lot of Nashville FoxyCart users doing great work, and we'd love to meet you in person.
  • I'd be interested. Mostly just to say hello and thanks for all the help. Maybe ask a few questions.

    Can't really think of any good meeting places since I don't get out much...I know some good coffee shops...
  • Definitely some cabedge folks are interested - we're got three for sure and maybe 4. Depending on the number of people you expect, we're happy to offer up some space at our office to meet (we're in Brentwood). As far as other places to meet, we're fans of The Flying Saucer and Broadway Brewhouse & Mojo Grill, but open to whatever....
  • I second The Flying Saucer. It will be great to meet the Foxy community.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Ya know, I don't think I've actually been there but two votes is enough for me. Let's do it at the Flying Saucer. Looks like some good reviews

    Bethanyw, thanks so much for offering up your office space. We might actually take you up on that sometime in the future if we plan something more official.
  • Sounds great! Do we have a time in mind?
  • Awesome! I'll be in Nashville then too - can't wait to meet you guys.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    After work for everybody? I think we'll be pretty flexible. 6 or 7 or something?

    This just in: Fred (on our team) may be joining us as well, all the way from South Carolina.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Ok, official announcement:

    What: FoxyCart User Meetup NASHVILLE!
    Where: The Flying Saucer, Nashville (Google Maps)
    When: 6:30pm Tuesday, September 22, 2009
    Who: Luke, Brett, Fred, and maybe more from the FoxyCart crew, and _you_!

    We'll post updates here and on Twitter:

    We hope to see you there.
  • Just now saw this, but I'll be there. Looking forward to it!
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Note to all: Look for the dreadlocks. We're very excited to meet you all.
  • Just wanted to say that it was nice meeting all of you this evening.

    If any of you ever feel the need to get in touch, you can always hit up my website.

    Everybody take care of yourselves and I hope to see you all again, soon.

    Brent Scoggins
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