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Offline Processing Approval

bjbkbjbk Member
in Bugs & Feature Requests edited September 2009
Hey guys,

I emailed the helpdesk about this two days ago, but am yet to hear back, so I'm putting it out there to see if someone else in the community has been through this process.

I have a client who is going to be using offline processing as the payment method. I switched it over to that when they activated their account, and it showed a note saying that the FoxyCart team needed to approve them to be able to use it.

Has anyone else been through this process? Do I just need to email the team?

Cheers in advance
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hey bjbk.
    Sorry for the delay. We're a little behind on the email queues, but the text on that offline processing is a little misleading. What you need to do is ask your client to login to the FC admin, go to the transactions page, and hit the "Show CCs" button. That will lead them through the steps to get the access enabled.

    (Fyi, offline processing should work fine for you (unless you're using SSO; we've just discovered a bug with that that we're fixing now) as is. The extra step is just to actually be able to _see_ the CC#s, but you can collect orders right now.)
  • Cheers for the info brett. I found that text just before and have sent that info to my client so they can email it to you.
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