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Subscription CSC, sub_token, sub_cancel

proeeproee Member
in Help edited March 2009
In the documentation it says

"most gateways require the CSC (card security code) to be sent with the payment details..."

I'm wondering if any users can comment on going through the CDGCommerce Quantum Gateway and if they are requied to send this code each time the subscription is renewed?

Also, with regards to the sub_token and sub_cancel url. Is there a url through foxycart that a subscriber can login to with their subscription username and password to cancel the subscription.

I understand that the sub_token and sub_cancel information is sent in an xml feed, but I'm hoping to not have to manage this information myself and would like to know if a simple place exists where I can direct the user to unsubscribe via the sub_token + sub_cancel
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    CSCs: Make sure you read the notes on your particular gateway in the wiki. For CDG... I'm not sure offhand but you might be ok by default. Most of the settings are on a single page in your Quantum admin, so it should be there. If you'd like to update the wiki with info please feel free to do so.

    sub_token and sub_cancel URLs can be... hmmm... We don't have those documented for inclusion in the receipt emails. Give us a moment on those.
  • Brett,

    I have the same question regarding cancellation - I know FoxEE is including a cancel link in their upcoming 110 release, but for now we have to rely on the XML...which is Mandarin to me.

    Is it possible to offer a link on the page somewhere for canceling, or am I hosed? The documentation didn't make much sense to me...
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    FoxEE 110 is out as of today, but I'm not sure how it's handling this.

    Part of the issue is that the sub_token isn't sent on the initial transaction's XML. We're discussing this and will be trying to remedy it in our next release, but as of right now it's kind of interesting because the sub_token is only available in the admin up until the first "recurring" transaction. The issue with including a cancellation link on the initial email receipt is that one transaction could potentially have multiple distinct subscriptions in it, and including multiple cancellation links would be awkward.

    So, in any case, we're aware of the issue and will be looking into making things easier for you and your customers.
  • Thanks - I'm not looking to include a cancel link in the email, just in the "Your Account" area that shows subscriptions, downloads, order history, etc.

    FoxEE provides a URL segment that looks like

    but I have no idea what to append that to. I've asked over at FoxEE as well but they're busy with the new release of 110.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hey vossavant. We've created a ticket to add a place holder for the sub_token url so it can be used on the receipt page and receipt email and we'll try to get that into the next version of FoxyCart.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi vossavant.
    We're discussing this, and one of the issues is that there could be multiple subscriptions in a single transaction. The problem is that if there's just a single placeholder for the sub_token, it wouldn't make any sense to say, "Click here to cancel your subscription," since there'd be no way to indicate _which_ subscription.

    Do you have any thoughts on how you'd like to see that handled?

    My initial thoughts would be to either:
    - Create multiple receipts, one per subscription, and send each of those with its own link.
    ---- Pro: Easy to understand
    ---- Con: Way confusing to get multiple receipts.

    - If multiple subscriptions exist, group them as they will be grouped, display them as their own carts, and add links to modify or cancel beneath each block.
    ---- Pro: Easy to understand.
    ---- Con: Makes the receipt pretty long. Doing this in a way that makes sense for all situations might be tricky.

    - If multiple subscriptions exist in a single transaction, just don't set the sub_token placeholder at all.
    ---- Pro: Easiest for us to build ;)
    ---- Con: Doesn't really solve the problem, though it may be a pretty rare situation where it happens.
    ---- Con: It kind of invalidates the ^^sub_token^^ placeholder, since you'd likely want to use that in a link. If it's just empty, it'll look broken (since it won't actually do anything), which just isn't good at all.

    Of the three, I think the middle idea makes the most sense to me, but it's still probably not ideal. We'd love feedback.
  • This is old I know. I think subscriptions should be considered an product in the cart. It's subscription details should be in the xml similar to product options.

    This way a subscription is just a repeating product with additional fields pertaining to the subscription.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Thanks for posting, Chuck. That's exactly what I've been working on the past few weeks. :)

    Each line item will have the sub_token and the main one will probably go away. We're also making the subscription end date a line item detail along with some other improvements. Additionally, the API will allow you to modify the contents of the subscription template transaction via XML which will allow you to upgrade or downgrade a subscription via the API. cool stuff. Stay tuned.
  • Im super stoked man. Exactly what ive been needing. Foxy + xml + api + fetch. Now some heavy duty subscription api.
  • Hey foxy,
    What is the status of this sub_token situation. I am new here, but am at the point of wanting to get the sub_token from the initial data feed on a subscription transaction. Is this present in 7? I am not seeing it in my tests. I had my cart set to 6 and just recently switched to 7. So, it is possible I am dealing with some changeover issues.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    The new v0.7.0 emails allow for complete blocks in the emails that only display if it's an updateinfo, a subscription, or a subscription cancel. The best way to see it would be to copy out your email templates and save them locally, then hit the default templates to see all the new placeholders. Edit accordingly there.

    There's also a language string for subscription specific stuff that (by default) includes the sub_token links for updating and canceling. If you have any questions just let us know.
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