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Past due on subscriptions

a9ka9k Member
in Help edited April 2010
Since switching to V060 feed I've notice a few subscriptions with expired CCards have past due amounts. This isn't reflected in the XML feed well or I'm missing something (always possible).

When a sub tries to renew with expired CC, I get no renewal transaction, I do get a message in the subscription feed about the CC failing.

So in my rails system, I expire the digital subscription a couple days after it doesn't renew. So there are never any past due amounts in our case.

But it seems like foxycart is expecting the subscriptions to continue for a while. Is this a setting in the admin panel? What's the grace period?
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hey a9k.

    The subscription datafeed is what you want ( It does include the past due amount. The normal XML datafeed only runs when a transaction takes place so if the transaction fails, nothing comes through. As for a grace period, we leave that completely up to you. You decide when to to turn off the subscription if the past due amount hasn't been paid for after a certain period of time. You can cancel the sub manually on the subscriptions page in the admin by setting the end date to tomorrow (that way it will show up on the next day's subscription datafeed) or you can cancel the subscription using the API (which works the same way as the admin and the cart, setting the end_date to tomorrow so it will show up in the subscription datafeed). Hope that helps. If I missed something or didn't completely answer your questions, please post back.
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